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"Caitlyn provided a wonderful and entirely soothing massage treatment, as usual. Very pleased and comfortable with our rapore."

-Linda D.

"Service was excellent I don't go often but when I do it is always welcoming and friendly. the atmosphere is very relaxing as soon as you enter. Thanks again to Stephanie."

-Jane T.

" Came for a Sparty with a group of girls before a wedding. Cathy was amazing! Helped me set up for the event, brought the girls drinks when needed. Such a huge help. Loved having her around! "

- Colleen A.

" I like getting my eyebrows done at LIFEforia, because the people who work there are really nice , they provide a healthy snack and some beverages ... "

-Tedi-Lynn B.

" My experience with liforia is always excellent.. T "

- Janice B.

" I had a wonderful facial with Julie on Monday afternoon. She was very informative on her thoughts about the condition of my skin, and about the process she thought was the best away to approach the facial that would benefit my skin type the most. The service itself was very relaxing and I enjoyed it tremendously. Plus my skin felt fantastic afterwards! I will definitely be back for another facial in the future. "

- Stacy N.

Body Scrubs and Wraps

Relax, detoxify and soften your skin with our LIFEspa’s™ body wraps and scrubs. Paint yourself from head-to-toe in our delectable body masques. These remarkable treatments remove toxins and impurities and refine skin texture as it tones and replenishes minerals essential to healthy skin.

Tuscan Wine Therapy

approx. 1.5 hours | $120.00

Celebrated by grape connoisseurs and applauded by scientists, red wine is certainly one of America’s favorite indulgences. And with good reason- the ruby red elixir is as delightful for the skin as it is the palate. While studies have long indicated that red wine is beneficial for the heart, we’re only recently discovering the immense benefits wine imparts when applied topically. Resveratrol, a potent antioxidant found in high concentrations in grape seeds, stems and skins are easily absorbed by the skin, working its magic to reduce inflammation and slow the oxidation process that causes skin to age prematurely. Grapes are also ripe with polyphenols, another potent antioxidant which fortifies the skin and improves small blood vessel circulation. Decidedly sophisticated, alluringly sensual, amazingly natural…discover the astounding difference our Tuscan Wine Therapy can make in your skin.

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Body Glow Facial

approx. 1.5 hours | $110.00

This sublime ritual will invigorate and revitalize the whole body from head to toe. To start, a back cleanse, exfoliation and customized mask is applied followed by a relaxation leg and hydrating back massage. Next a facial, allow your skin to be deeply cleansed, exfoliated & infused with glowing mask leaving it glowing and vibrant, replenished and flawless. While masking you can look forward to a leg & arm massage for a full body glow!

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Detoxifying Thai Body Wrap

approx. 1.5 hours | $120.00

All things Asian are hot this season and we’ve designed these unique products by looking to the Orient for inspiration. Our fusion of rice bran oil, green tea leaves and extract, creamy coconut and crisp lemon grass form the basis of this long-to-be-remembered treatment. Our Detoxifying Body Wrap includes a scrub and wrap followed by a relaxing massage.

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