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"Caitlyn provided a wonderful and entirely soothing massage treatment, as usual. Very pleased and comfortable with our rapore."

-Linda D.

"Service was excellent I don't go often but when I do it is always welcoming and friendly. the atmosphere is very relaxing as soon as you enter. Thanks again to Stephanie."

-Jane T.

" Came for a Sparty with a group of girls before a wedding. Cathy was amazing! Helped me set up for the event, brought the girls drinks when needed. Such a huge help. Loved having her around! "

- Colleen A.

" I like getting my eyebrows done at LIFEforia, because the people who work there are really nice , they provide a healthy snack and some beverages ... "

-Tedi-Lynn B.

" My experience with liforia is always excellent.. T "

- Janice B.

" I had a wonderful facial with Julie on Monday afternoon. She was very informative on her thoughts about the condition of my skin, and about the process she thought was the best away to approach the facial that would benefit my skin type the most. The service itself was very relaxing and I enjoyed it tremendously. Plus my skin felt fantastic afterwards! I will definitely be back for another facial in the future. "

- Stacy N.

LIFEspa Services

“Remember only the beautiful things that you have felt, seen and experienced. If your five senses behold only the good, then your mind will be a garden of blossoming soul qualities.”

Beautiful possibilities await. Our relaxation and beauty centers are your sanctuaries where your sensual journey begins… Our treatments use aromatic and medicinal herbs grown in organic gardens around the world. Their purity and freshness is a source of great pride at the LIFEspa™. Some see our treatments as pure pleasure, but in truth they are also a valuable and therapeutic part of your balanced mind, body & spirit experience at the Club.

Luxury Spa Packages

Relax renew and rejuvenate! Pamper yourself for an hour or a whole day with these luxurious spa packages.


Luxury Massages

A massage designed just for you! Enjoy light, medium or firm pressure using a series of different manipulations that will eliminate stress and relax your mind.


Spa Hand Care

Refresh your tired hands with these relaxing Hand Care treatments.– Absolutely Blissful!


Spa Foot Care

Refresh your tired legs and feet with these relaxing treatments.


Spa Facials

Rejuvenating products coupled with relaxing therapeutic touch provides your skin with a wonderful experience that will leave it smooth radiant and healthy!


Body Scrubs and Wraps

Relax, detoxify and soften your skin with our LIFEspa’s™ body wraps and scrubs.


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