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"Caitlyn provided a wonderful and entirely soothing massage treatment, as usual. Very pleased and comfortable with our rapore."

-Linda D.

"Service was excellent I don't go often but when I do it is always welcoming and friendly. the atmosphere is very relaxing as soon as you enter. Thanks again to Stephanie."

-Jane T.

" Came for a Sparty with a group of girls before a wedding. Cathy was amazing! Helped me set up for the event, brought the girls drinks when needed. Such a huge help. Loved having her around! "

- Colleen A.

" I like getting my eyebrows done at LIFEforia, because the people who work there are really nice , they provide a healthy snack and some beverages ... "

-Tedi-Lynn B.

" My experience with liforia is always excellent.. T "

- Janice B.

" I had a wonderful facial with Julie on Monday afternoon. She was very informative on her thoughts about the condition of my skin, and about the process she thought was the best away to approach the facial that would benefit my skin type the most. The service itself was very relaxing and I enjoyed it tremendously. Plus my skin felt fantastic afterwards! I will definitely be back for another facial in the future. "

- Stacy N.

Group Wellness Solutions

A LIFEforia™ Group Wellness Plan can be set up when there are two or more employees. Our Group Wellness Plans are extremely flexible and can be customized to meet the wellness needs of you and your team. For as low as $2.00 per month per employee, LIFEforia™ can deliver a group wellness solution where you will begin to see immediate results. Your Group Wellness Plan may include*:

Access to Online Wellness Club

myLIFEforia Community – A social network that features user profiles, activity streams, user groups and more.

Hall of Fame – A leader board that highlights the accomplishments of members in the wellness community. Provides for a healthy competitive environment that gamifies the wellness experience.

Fitness Studio – Provides our most popular fitness class videos that you can enjoy while on lunch and get a workout from the convenience of your workplace, or enjoy after work in the comfort of your home.

Spa at Home – Provides you with creative relaxation rituals that can be done at home.

Meditation Hall – Provides you with meditation audios that are sure to relax and de-stress. You also have access to some mindfulness programs and seminars.

Mind Booster – Provides you with empowering motivation audios to keep you moving towards your goals.

Library Learning Center – Provides you with audio recordings and podcasts relating to living a rich and fulfilling life. Many of the audios and videos focus on the power of psychology (pop) to get the result you want in life.

Our Secret Door – Provides you with deals on services and products that are flash sales of up to 90% off.

Personal Training and Coaching Studio – Provides you a variety of personalized programs to help reach wellness specific goals.

Wellness Tools – Provides you with a range of wellness tools to help support you on your wellness journey.

Seminar Room – Provides you with webinars and videos relating to wellness topics such as emotional wellness, stress, occupation, fitness, and nutrition.

Cook’s Corner – Provides you with a vast array of healthy meal choices and recipes together with member contributions and comments.

Boutique and Community Market – Provides you with access to high quality wellness products in addition to hand made and vintage products created by our membership. You have the opportunity to buy or sell through this online market.

Wellness Partners – Provides you with access to our directory of business partners and their associate products,services and promotions.

Access to fitness facilities and equipment

You are provided with a membership card and pass that gives you unlimited access to the fitness facilities of our bricks and mortar clubs. LIFEforia™ fitness facilities include state of the art equipment and machines, well-appointed locker rooms and showers, well ventilated workout rooms with televisions and sound system.

Access to swimming pool

You are provided with unlimited access to the swimming pool during normal hours of operation. This includes any fitness classes that are delivered in the pool area.

Group Exercise Classes delivered at the worksite

The number and type of group classes delivered at your workplace are determined by the employer. All group exercise classes are open to employees.  The types of group exercise classes include LIFEforia’s™ signature GRO classes, Yoga, Zumba, Pilates, Weights and so much more.  A detailed description of the classes offered can be provided together with the level of difficulty.

Group Exercise Classes off site

All group exercise classes in our bricks and mortar clubs are open to employees. The types of group exercise classes include LIFEforia’s™ signature GRO classes, Yoga, Zumba, Pilates, Weights and so much more.  A detailed description of the classes offered can be provided together with the level of difficulty.

Extended Wellness Care that includes massage, skin care and foot care

You are provided with 80% off all Corporate massage, facials and foot care (pedicures) up to a maximum of $300.00 each calendar year. LIFEforia™ will track the usage and provide you with the discount at the point of purchase.

Lifestyle Coaching

You are provided with a Getting Started coaching program that includes an exercise regime and nutritional guidelines.

Lunch and Learns

LIFEforia™ will provide lunch and learns on a quarterly, bi-annual or annual basis. Topics include nutrition, fitness, stress, and emotional well-being.  The lunch and learns are designed to be interactive and fun, optimizing employee engagement.

Corporate Health Challenges

You will have access to employee challenges that include weight loss, physical activity, mental fitness and more.

Custom Concepts Meeting Enrichment

A number of session breakout programs have been designed by LIFEforia™ with a purpose for making meetings and conferences educational and fun, while optimizing attendee engagement and retention.  Examples include:

  • Sessions Starters: Start on a positive note
    • Guided Meditations
    • Positive Thinking Games
    • Icebreakers
  • Mid-Morning Minute Breaks
    • Connection Activities to foster team cohesion: Light and Fun
    • Just a Minute Power Boosters
  • Lunch and Learn
    • Lectures and Classes (customized to your group)
    • Mind Your Business: Mindfulness for leaders
    • Stress Reduction
  • Afternoon Refreshers
    • Trivia Games and Prizes (on what was discussed during the morning)
    • Guided Walk (with hidden treasures)
    • Stretch: Opening our bodies and minds to endless possibilities
    • Chair Massage
    • Energizing Yoga
Spousal Wellness Coverage

All employees can opt to have their spouse included on their group wellness plan.

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